The Fortnite Craze

The Fortnite craze has taken over the lives of many teenagers, streamers and even average adults looking for time consuming titles. Fortnite, a PC and console survival game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly released on the July 25, 2017 has done a full take over of streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube Gaming in such a short time since release. Many are skeptical that this form of entertainment and way of making money for a living is reliable but statistics show that Twitch has passed CNN and MSNBC in viewership for the month of January and it isn’t hard to see that Fortnite has helped it get there.

Some doubt it’s popularity as just a trend that will come and go like similar former streaming and video content powerhouses.

“It’s still a game, just like G mod,” said local player senior Aaron Howell who’s been around since the beta release of the game.

He feels that the game hasn’t impacted streaming services to an extreme extent, but while that might be the case he also feels that streaming the game could be financially stable.

On the entire other side of the spectrum from the outside looking in, a non-player, Junior Spencer Cox feels that the game’s popularity isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

“The battle royale genre is a landscape in the social media aspect, as long as one person is interested, a thousand people are interested, ” Cox said.

Only time will tell if Fronite has a place in gaming popularity for many more years to come but the numbers don’t lie,with a player base of 3.4 million as of the February 8, things are looking to be in the game’s favor.