The Greatest Prom on Earth

With crackling yellowed film and enormous elephants inside bright colored tents that spiral into the sky, the prom this year wants to capture the essence of a vintage circus.

Each year, the prom committee comes up with different themes for the prom, voting on the best and unique ideas that will wow the student body. Senior Summer Lanier came up with the theme this year, her different spin on prom catching the eye of the other committee members.

Junior Morgan Pleasant, who a part of the committee for the first time, is looking forward to the prom this year because of the theme and how many different directions they can go with the idea.

“I think this prom theme is really interesting, it’s got a great color scheme, which I personally like a lot,” Pleasant said. “There’s so much to work from with this theme without being too cliché, which is what makes any theme great. We have so much flexibility with the decorations. We have lots of ideas and we’ve been working on putting things together to create the look we want; I really think it’ll turn out great.”

For junior Daphanie Argandona, another member of the prom committee, this theme wasn’t what she was expecting. With scepticism for it in the beginning, the work and planning the committee has put into it has made her believe that this theme could actually be great.  

“A circus themed prom is not what I had in mind but it’s actually planning out to be really nice. My favorite part about it is that we can have snacks like popcorn and cotton candy and circus like things while making it nice,” Argandona said. “When students walk into the prom room I would hope that they say it looks nice because although a circus theme is weird for a prom, it can be vintage and cute.”

Argandona is excited to see their ideas and hard work come together on prom night. After months of planning, the students who worked hard to put together this prom are ready for the rest of the student body to see their efforts.

“My favorite part about the prom this year is that there are a lot of cute props and good decorations being put up,” Argandona said. “Knowing that our ideas as students got put to life is really cool, also it’s nice to see that our time was put to good use.”

Even though there are always positive and negative opinions about the prom themes each year, Pleasant hopes that the majority of the students attending prom love the unique idea and remember the experience they have there.

“When students walk into the prom room I want them to look at it and realize how much work is put into the prom as a whole. The committee, and especially Mrs. Davis, has worked tirelessly to make everything just right for this night,” Pleasant said. “I also would like for students to feel like they’ve entered an actual vintage circus. I think it’s really important that they get an authentic feel, not only for this theme but all themes in general.”