The New Schedule

Students quickly stomp downstairs, hurry to lunch, and work on anything they need to. West Success and the new schedule have been put in place to provide students with a remediation opportunity.

Students can use this time to catch up on work during school. Students also have to go to their first block about 15 minutes sooner in the morning.

Reporting to first block 10 to 15 minutes earlier in the morning has required students to eat breakfast at school faster and sophomore Kayla Webb believes that it doesn’t give students time to fully wake up.

“It allowed us to get socializing out of our system and we could brace ourselves for the day,” Webb said.

Junior Heather Holt likes going to first block 10 to 15 minutes sooner.

“It’s not as much as a rush to get to class and I have time to go to the bathroom if I need to,” Holt said.

Freshman Angel Garcia points the new schedule lunch is too short and doesn’t give him enough time to eat.

“When you are carrying your lunch out of the cafeteria because you couldn’t finish it, there’s a problem,” Garcia said.

Webb feels that teachers are cramming lessons and they aren’t giving students time to understand the concepts.

“Then, you have students that need to use the remediation time because they didn’t have enough time to do it in class,” Webb said.

Holt believes that West Success is pretty much useless.

“We don’t do anything or learn anything in West Success,” Holt said.

Freshman Chris McHenry notes that some teachers are not using it like it was meant to.

“They make us continue to work for their class instead of allowing us to catch up,” McHenry said.

This remediation time has allowed many students to check things off of their agenda during school hours.

“I use it to catch up on my assignments and make up work for other classes,” Garcia said.

Holt enjoyed last year’s schedule more because she would go to the same place everyday and she was use to it.

“If you come in late you can easily forget what class you’re suppose to go to,” Holt said.  “We need to replace West Success with a simpler schedule.”