The Newbies

Some people like change, and with math teacher Amanda Huber and CTE teacher Donnis Hauser, they wanted to change their work environment. They decided to move from middle school to high school.

“I needed a change of scenery and I loved working with Mrs. Swartz at Mcgee’s Crossroads Middle School and I knew it was a great place,” Huber said.

Expectation for high school often vary between individuals. Hauser expected to have different maturity levels in her classroom. She likes this concept because it allows everyone to learn from one another. She especially enjoys seeing people in other grade levels interact and help each other out.

“In the real world, being able to work with other people will play a huge part in their success,” Hauser explained. “In order to prepare our students for the workforce, these are essential skills.”

Sometimes, students take what they learned from their teacher and use it in real life scenarios. In her class, she tells personal stories and makes things relatable for her students, hoping that they take something Hauser likes to be able to help her students become young adults and make good life choices.

“It is an awesome feeling to know that I could potentially impact major decisions the students make down the road to prepare them for their future,” Hauser said.

With the ending of the school year coming up, Huber and Hauser think that they made the right choice by teaching high school. Hauser admits that she does miss some things about teaching middle school, but she’s happy that she made the move.

“It is not much different than what I have been doing for the last 10 years and I love the semester format,” Huber said.