The Stressful Year

Junior year is mainly known among students for being stressful; more work, more responsibility, and more pressure. Not just from teachers, but some parents expect more from their kid. Some students who plan to go to college, need to have a decent GPA by the end of the year.

Most colleges look at junior year more than others. This is because this is a student’s last full year of grades and therefore do not have their final grades yet. American history teacher Paul Bradford believes that a student’s junior year is the most important.

“It is the last full academic year in which students can raise their grades, enroll in clubs, etc. before they begin applying to colleges and jobs in the fall of their senior year,” Bradford said.

With two years of high school left, juniors have a lot of responsibility. There are many reasons why students get stressed. Some students get stressed about all the work. Other students get worked up because they slacked freshmen and sophomore year and their GPA is low.

“Sophomore year may have been more of a social stressor, but junior year you get hit with reality that you’ll be graduating soon,” junior Heather Holt said.

Another factor that can contribute to stress is homework. AP students and honors students can have up to 3.5 hours of homework a night, according to a LA Times, March 01, 2014, article.

“Teachers need to be more aware that some students work hard and don’t get enough credit,” Washington said.

There are many ways to prevent stress. Planning ahead, eating healthy, and taking baby steps on assignments can help. Some people use different methods from others.

“I listen to music and try to make myself deaf,” Washington said.