The Teal Terror

Photo by Samantha Fiorella

Photo by Samantha Fiorella

Faces covered in war paint. Deafening screams. Hundreds of people in color coordinated outfits. No, this isn’t a battlefield. It’s the spirit section.

In 2009, the school spirit club adopted the title “Teal Terror.”  The club established a fierce reputation, filling the designated section of bleachers with excited faces and powerful shouts.

“I lose my voice when we cheer because it just gets so hype and you just forget about your voice,” club officer Justin Denning said. “You’re not thinking about your voice, you’re thinking about cheering on your team…you don’t care because you’re so into the game.”

The club is intended not only to support all West Johnston sports teams, but to unite the student body, increase campus involvement and build new friendships.

“It’s a great way to bond with your classmates…and support your team while meeting new people, and who doesn’t love to do both of those?” Denning said.

Participating in the “Teal Terror” gives younger students a chance to meet new role models.

“I think as a freshman I’m meeting more upperclassmen… [I] learn from them and watch them and see how I want to be in a positive way,” freshman Kallie Bailey said.

Game Day activities start hours before kick-off for the club. In 2014, club officers created a new Friday night tradition– tailgating.

“My pre-game routine is to hang out with all the other members at the tailgates, which start at five. We play cornhole, can jam, and cook on the grill for everyone to eat,” Denning said.

Being a member of the “Teal Terror” is not all socializing and screaming. Club president Rachel Willis revealed the behind the scenes work the club officers and senior members do weekly in preparation for football games.

“[We] handle a lot of what the banner says…actually paint and make it, I handle tailgating, and what we wear and the cheers we do during the games,” Willis said.

Club officers plan themes for each game– certain color “outs” that the student section base their outfits on. This year the club has done a teal-out and red-white-and-blue out. Officers plan to do a neon-out in the future.

Rising freshman associate the spirit club with the exciting parts of high school. Freshman look forward to joining, and the club is always excited to add to their membership. To join the “Teal Terror,” prospective members simply have to visit the club advisor, Amanda Fisher, and pay a 15 dollar fee.

“When I first got to West I knew I wanted to be in spirit club,” Bailey said.