Thinking Outside The Box


Ambition in fine arts has always been sophomore Cheryl Coor’s passion, especially singing.

“I find it interesting how much you can tell about a person through their fine arts,” said Coor. “It’s a form of self-expression.”

Coor has a passion for many different things. She feels that many of her talents come from her family’s motivation.

“I think of how great it would feel if I could finish what I’m working on,” Coor said.

Coor had no intention of particating in chorus her freshmen year. At first she was terrified because she didn’t ask for it in her schedule, but decided to follow through. She feels that joining chorus has boosted her confidence in and outside of the classroom.

“Singing publicly really helped me get over my stage fright,” said Choor. “It felt good to be a part of a group of people who loves singing as much as me.”

Chorus isn’t the only thing she loves to participate in. She also draws as a hobby. When she’s bored she spends most of her time in doodling.


“Drawing is one of my favorite ways of expressing myself, because no one else can do it for me,” Coor said.

Coor feels fine arts has always been something she can be herself in.

“I just decided to learn how to do something and eventually I got better at it,” Coor said.