Tony Mack: The Running Back

A neon crowd lit up the stands as the fans clanged against the fence to cheer on the varsity football team on Friday, Aug. 28. Junior Tony Mack and the rest of the team huddle up to prepare for the first home game of the season against South Johnston.

With the first quarter ending, 7-0, South, Mack began the second quarter with the first effective offensive plays. Mack, the team’s running back, had a 16 yard run, 35 yard run and a touchdown, tying it up at 7-7 by the end of the second quarter.

However, according to Mack, scoring a touchdown wasn’t even the highlight of his night.

“One of our players, Timare Robinson, number 10, he came down full speed, had a big hit, and, I believe he got him on the 15 or 10 yard line. That was a pretty good play for us. It got the crowd jumping and got everyone excited. That’s the reason we had another chance to win that game,” Mack said.

With a final score of 17-13, South Johnston, even Mack admits he could improve.

“I felt like a couple of those runs I could have done better, but I think for the most part I did what I could to contribute to my team,” said Mack.

A new season means a new team. Seniors who started last season leave empty shoes for this year’s team to fill.

“This year we have a lot of younger guys. Last year we had a lot of seniors and the seniors that started offense and defense 24/7. The guys that are filling in for them are doing an okay job for us,” said Mack. “As we progress throughout the season, we are going to be a pretty tough team to beat.”

Mack attempts to stay positive about the outcome of the game by focusing on his favorite element of home field advantage.

“Seeing all those people in the stands just gets your adrenaline pumping and makes you not want to lose it all. I think that might’ve been the toughest pill to swallow for us last Friday,” Mack said.

With the third game of the season this Friday against the Cleveland Rams, the team and Tony Mack still have time to fix their mistakes.

“It’s a big rivalry and we have just got to work hard at practice. We’ve got four days to improve and on Friday it’s time to show what we can do.”