Upcoming Softball Season – Maddie Betz

With the softball season starting the players and coaches are looking forward to an amazing and successful season. Coach Laura Jefferson has big expectations for her team but has a strong feeling they will live up to them.

Freshman Anna Barbour and senior Kaitlyn Tucker, both started playing softball at a young age with the hopes to make it on the high school varsity team. They prepare during the off season to perform their best in season.

Jefferson coaches softball and this year she feels that although the team is very small in numbers all of them are very talented.

“We already had our first scrimmage on Saturday and we did amazing as a whole team,” Jefferson said.

She expects for the team to make less than 3 errors a game and she is hoping they will make it to at least the third round in the state playoffs.

Tucker mainly plays shortstop or second, but she will play anywhere the coach puts her.

“I’m looking forward to playing with my teammates and winning,” Tucker said.

Barbour is a catcher and she feels that all the teammates are very close and that they all can trust each other already.

During the off season Barbour plays on the Clippers travel team year-round and hits and catches with her coaches for extra help.

“We are a really strong team that gets along great,” Barbour said. “We are all willing to work hard everyday to make ourselves better individually which will make our team better as a whole.”

All of these ladies have a positive outlook on this coming season which is key to being successful as a whole.