Volleyball Winning Streak


The girls varsity volleyball team has an 11-2 score so far this season, and with a 6-1 conference score, the volleyball team is getting closer and closer to being this years conference champions!

“The main thing that has made us successful this year is that we have realized that we are a team and we play together as one,” freshman Madison Greene said. “Team chemistry has brought us so far.”

The varsity volleyball team was also very successful last year with a 11-3 conference score

“Since we were conference champs last year I think that motivates us too, to go beyond and better than last year,” freshman Samantha Harris said.

To these girls volleyball isn’t just a sport, it’s a bonding moment and a lifestyle.

”We always want to be together on and off the court,” Greene said.” We are a true family and I could not love my team more!”

For all the victories these girls have had this year, all of this is thanks to the team and their coach Meredith Blake.

“She always encourages us to play to our potential and helps fix our mistakes on the court,” freshman Sarah Hobby said

For all the victories they have had this year, they still have a few goals and virtues that they always try to stick too.

“We are always classy and humble whether we win or lose, ” Greene said. ” We aim to be the team everyone wants to beat, Volleyball is 90 percent mental and 10 percent skill, and that is what we have to keep in mind.”