Should You Wait ‘Till 18?

From the time students commence their high school career, they come in with the idea of having more freedom. One of the freedoms is being able to drive, but not everyone gets to drive right away.

Some students decide on not getting their license once they are eligible to take the driver’s education course in high school. They decide to wait until they are a legal adult. Is doing this more or less convenient? Or is it better to take the driver’s education course and going through the process of getting your license?

According to Vision Launch, getting your license at 18 could be good for teens because it could help lower teen fatality rates. It says that teens with a license at age 16 are more likely to speed due to the “thrills”. It also says that if you are to get your license at 18 there would be more decision-making skills that would have been practiced in the two years from 16 to 18.

For junior Jalin Graham, getting a license at 18 seems to be more favorable.

“It’s more convenient for some people to get their license at that age because they don’t have to go through the process of going to the Driver’s Ed,” Graham says.

On the other hand, some students think that going through the process of getting your license is better. Junior Fabiola Martinez says that it is better to get it while you’re in high school due to gaining more experience throughout the years a student drives.

“There is more of an advantage because you can drive to school and run errands for your parents,” Martinez says. “You can also get more practice since you drive with your parents when you get your permit.”

Junior Robert Klemm-Smith says that besides not wanting to deal with people just playing around in class, he finds it better to be able to get a license as soon as you’re 18 because of how simple it is to get it.

“It’s easier because I can go to the DMV as soon as I turn 18, and take the tests there and get my license,” Klemm-Smith says. “I could also take classes at the DMV if I felt like I wasn’t ready. It’s just better.”