West Athletes to Play For Brunswick Community College

With the end of the year so close at hand, many seniors are looking forward to their experiences post-high school. Others are equally as excited about playing college sports. West Johnston has dozens of athletes signing on to colleges, including those from the baseball team.

Brunswick Community College has allowed Thomas Cogburn, Sterling Atkinson, and Michael Blevins to play for their baseball team.

“I’m very happy with my position on the team, I can definitely say it’s been a great experience here at West though,” said Atkinson.




Although ambition was certainly a factor, the commitment of Joseph Worley, the baseball coach, certainly played a factor as well.

“My coach has certainly played a role in my baseball success. He’s been a big inspiration for me in playing baseball,” said Blevins.

Making the rapid transition from high school baseball to semi-professional college ball is both happy and sad for most.

“This is a bittersweet moment for me. I’m blessed to have such a supportive family and team,” said Blevins.




The process of signing on to a team is both exciting and extremely confusing. Although it is not necessarily an easy task, it is one worth doing for those who wish to further their athletic career.

“It wasn’t easy getting a scholarship,” said Cogburn. “However hard it was, I’m still glad to be playing college ball.”




Adjusting to a new school, new team and new field all at once can be difficult.

“I am a little nervous and definitely excited about competing in college baseball,” said Atkinson.

Throughout the years, the memories high school has made will undoubtedly stay with the baseball seniors.

“I’ll always remember playing baseball here at West,” said Atkinson. “It’s been a memory I will never forget.”