What Students Think the Principal Needs to Focus On Next School Year

Many students think there needs to be some improvements to the upcoming school year. Whether it is power lunch, practice lockdowns in the cafeteria or replacing west success, the students want the principal to focus on improving the upcoming school year.

Junior Brooke Burns thinks that the school needs to focus more on lockdown safety. Burns brings up the point that since we never have a lockdown drill during third block, there is no way for us to know what to do if we are in the lunchroom.

“I think there should be practice lockdown scenarios in the cafeteria because if there is ever a real incident during that time, students will know what to do and be prepared,” Burns said. “Especially since school shootings are becoming more common.”

Sophomore Carter Grooms would like to see the enforcement of power lunch next year by the principal. Grooms always feels rushed and like he does not have enough time to finish his meals when he is in the cafeteria. Students this school year only have twenty- five minutes to purchase and eat their meals. Grooms feels like he is always rushing and does not have enough time to get a break from his schoolwork. Grooms would like for the principal to take out west success and replace that time with power lunch. Grooms feels like students would be more productive during power lunch and they would use it wisely.

“I think that the principal needs to look into the addition of power lunch would be very beneficial because it will give students more opportunity to socialize and eat their lunch,” Grooms said. “It would be a better use of our time that people would actually benefit from.”

Another request for the replacement of west success time is from freshman Garrett Laughinghouse. Laughinghouse agrees with Grooms about the need for a more productive and useful time for students to catch up on makeup work or get extra help in classes. Laughinghouse thinks power lunch is a good alternative because students will be able to eat their lunch and get some relaxed socialization time before heading off to their last block.

“I think that the principal needs to take out west success next year and replace it with power lunch because it will refresh student’s brains,” Laughinghouse said. “It will also give them more than just twenty five minutes to purchase and eat their lunch.”

Junior Lauren Hesse would like to see the principal more focused on school spirit activities. Hesse thinks that the student section at football games and basketball games could be very encouraging to the teams and fun for the students. Hesse would like for the principal to put together fun activities and organize more pep rallies to get the students excited.

“With the help of the principal next year, I think that our student section could really be improved if they see that she is very involved and excited about the games,” Hesse said.