A Captain and the Guard

With blaring music, expressive dancing and facial expressions, and the complicated twirling and throwing of flags and rifles, guard is a sport all its own.

Senior Michelle Tiffany, who has been the captain of the guard for two years, led the new season’s guard auditions. While a little different this year, the guard still got to assess who could stay and who wouldn’t make the cut.

“Auditions for Open Guard, this year, were a little different than how we have done them in the past,” Tiffany said. “Usually, we have auditions on both body, which is dance, and flag, as well as weapon, which is rifles and sabres, if you are trying to be on either of those lines. This year we only had auditions on flag and body.”

Tiffany is excited to welcome in the new additions to the guard family and is looking forward to teaching them all she has learned from her past four years of the high school guard. She hopes that they continue in the sport, so that one day they can invite new students into the guard.

“Having a lot of new people is always exciting,” Tiffany said. “From just the few rehearsals we’ve had as a group, I can start to see people picking up on what we’ve been trying to teach them and I think that there is a lot of potential this year.”

When Tiffany first started her high school guard career, coming from the middle school guard, she was terrified of the change of pace. She says that even though tryouts may have terrified her, her friends, who have stuck with her through guard, helped her to overcome that fear.

“The first time I tried out for guard I was scared out of my mind,” Tiffany said. “One of my friends who is now a captain with me, Natashia, was trying out too and we both just kept supporting each other.”

Taking her responsibilities as captain seriously, Tiffany helps the new students through the season, available for them to come to when confused or struggling.

“Being captain, it is one of my responsibilities to help anyone who is new or may be struggling,” Tiffany said. “I help them with our warm up exercises, tosses, or, later on in the season, choreography for the show.”

Ever since first trying out for the guard, Tiffany feels as if she has found her place doing something she loves, with people she loves.

“I think people don’t really know much about color guard and they see it and are either interested by it or a friend tells them that they should join,” Tiffany said. “I originally tried out because my sister had been in guard when she was in highschool, and I thought it was cool. I found a passion for this sport and a group of people who loved it just as I had.”