Wrestling Team at States

The wrestling team went to State Thursday, February 15 – 17 in Greensboro. Senior Alex Choma, junior Ryan Schroer, and sophomores Nate Mayfield and Gavin Mckendrick placed 4th or higher at regionals on February 9 and 10.

The wrestlers believe that regionals had similar environment to most tournaments, but some wrestlers knew states was going to be very different.

Choma was excited and ecstatic when he found out he was going to states.

“I was just happy to have the ability to go,” Choma said.

Some of the wrestlers have rituals they do before every match, that they weren’t planning to change them for States.

“Before every match to make sure I have higher energy,” Mckendrick said. “ I’d take a spoonful of honey and smell peppermint oil.”

The wrestlers said, States felt much different than other tournaments they have participated in.

“It felt harder to breathe because of where the mats are located,” Schroer said. “There was way more people watching there than any other tournament I have been to.”

“Being on the floor of the coliseum was definitely different, with the air feeling thicker and it was harder to breathe,” Mayfield said.

There was much more intimidation from other wrestlers at States.

“ We all wanted the title knowing that only one could get it,” Schroer said.

“At other tournaments they are local kids you know their skill level, and you know what to expect,” Mckendrick said. “At States the only thing you know everyone is as good as you if not better.”

One of the wrestlers believe that the environment as a whole was more intimidating than most tournaments

“Between the thousands of people to just all the lights if you haven’t been in that type of light it can get into someones head,” Mckendrick said.