The Author

wys gales

While other students work part time jobs, senior Emily Gales is already focused on her lifelong career.

“I want to be a young adult author. I always liked writing short stories for English class and I realized I could actually write a novel if I wanted to. I’m currently writing a novel,” Gales said.

Gales novel is the first in a trilogy she plans to write later down the road.

“The main character, Hunter Finn, runs into a problem where he has to fight monsters that have been mutated and are running around the fantasy world of Europe,” said Gales. “He joins a school to hunt them down but realized the government created these animals. So he join a rebel group called the Animus, which is courage in Latin.”

Creating the elaborate plot line, characters and time to write it out takes a toll on Gales’ free time.

“Lately, I’ve worked about an hour a day on my novel. I have to balance that with school and work,” Gales said.

Gales has intermittently worked on other stories and poems while she finishes up her novel, which she plans on getting published relatively soon.

“Since it’s still a work in progress, it has not been published. But I’m hoping to get it published within the first year of college,” Gales said.

Gales is not alone in her passion.

“Jordan Zachary and I were planning on writing a book over the summer before we go to college as well,” Gales said.

Once Gales goes to college, she plans on majoring in English or Creative Writing.

“Having a degree helps get your name out there with publishers. Especially with internships it helps get you a job,” said Gales. “Writing what you feel is a lot of fun. It’s made me want to read a lot more so I can advance my writing even further.”