A Special Spin on Prom

POINT. Separate from the crowd, senior Wyatt McFee incorporates pointing into his dance move at alternative prom. Photo by Summer Lanier.

YO CUPID. Sliding to the left, senior Faith Chesnutt and sophomore Kamryn Potteiger dance in a line to the “Cupid Shuffle”, with a life skills student from a neighboring high school. “Earlier at prom he chose to dance with me,” Potteiger said. “I continued to dance with him all night because he was so upbeat and full of life. He told me all about his favorite shows and movies. We were BFFs by the end of the night.” Photo by Summer Lanier.

OPEN WIDE. Looking towards the cafeteria door, alumni Kayla Bennett shows her excitement as a friend arrives to prom. Photo by Ethan Giangreco.

SLOW IT DOWN. Wrapping her arms around alumni Kayla Bennett, senior Jessica Cashwell dances to a slow song alongside her friend. Photo by Summer Lanier.

DANCE ALL NIGHT. Raising her hands, freshman Marissa Sims shows off her moves on the dance floor. Photo by Ethan Giangreco.

COUPLE OF DANCERS. Dancing together, freshmen Billy Bowen and Marissa Sims share the dance floor. The two matched in their purple formal wear and accompanied one another as dates to alternative prom. Photo by Ethan Giangreco.

LET ME TAKE A SELFIE. Pausing from their dancing, freshman Sophia Urtz pulls out her phone to capture the moment alongside freshman Madelyn Betz and Lauren Guidi with a South Johnston High School student. “The kids came up and wanted someone to dance with and I thought it was pretty special,” Betz said. “It made me feel great to see them all happy and I know I’ll remember it.” Photo by Summer Lanier.

TWIRL. Spinning a student from a neighboring high school, freshman Sophia Urtz shares the dance floor with her new crowned friend. “I did not know him before prom, but I saw him dancing with a lot of people and asked if he wanted to dance with me,” Urtz said. “It was awesome to know I made him happy and to see him showing off his moves.” Photo by Summer Lanier.

HAND IN HAND. Holding hands, juniors Hunter Davis, Brooke Burns and Brianna Murphy dance with a life skills student from a neighboring high school. “Dancing with the students was fun for all of us and their happiness spread to everyone else in the room,” Burns said. Photo by Summer Lanier.

SAY CHEESE. Prior to the dance, teacher James Norris took a South Johnston High School student to get a haircut before the big night. “I know him from church and he’s always dancing and doing handshakes with me,” Norris said. “His mama couldn’t afford to get him a hair cut so I took him earlier and came to the prom to support my friend.” Photo by Summer Lanier.

LOADS OF LAUGHTER. Smiling as she dances with a new friend, sophomore Grace Kane holds hands with the student. Photo by Summer Lanier.

SMILE ALL NIGHT. Under the arms of a South Johnston High School student, sophomores Kamryn Potteiger and Ainsley Underwood laugh towards each other. “There are not opportunities like that every day for special needs kids so I loved knowing I made their night,” Potteiger said. Photo by Summer Lanier.

HAPPY NIGHT. Looking towards alumni Kayla Bennett, freshman Marissa Sims smiles at her friend. Photo by Summer Lanier.

CAMERA READY. Posing for a photograph, freshmen Hunter Larsen, Billy Bowen and Marissa Sims smile towards their teacher’s camera. Photo by Summer Lanier.

I CHOOSE YOU. Getting pulled onto the dance floor, sophomore Kamryn Potteiger is surprised to be chosen to dance with a student from a neighboring high school. “He had such good rhythm and knew exactly how he wanted to dance. It felt like I was just moving around him,” Potteiger said. “He looked super confident and it was so uplifiting to watch how happy he was. I felt honored when he grabbed me. He could’ve picked anyone, but he chose me.” Photo by Summer Lanier.