A Rising Star

Taking notes in the classroom and hitting notes on stage, freshman Abigail Stephens is a rising star.

Freshman Abby Stephens may be a student, but she lives what some may call a double life. When she’s not working on school, spending time with friends and family or pursuing other activities, Stephens is working on her career as a musician. A singer-songwriter, Stephens is only 14 and has 43.4 thousand Instagram followers and 393 YouTube subscribers as of this writing. At ages even younger, Stephens has sung the National Anthem at places such as the Atlanta Motor Speedway and Five County Stadium, home to the Carolina Mudcats. In 2016, Stephens won the Carolina Music Award for Youth Music Video of the Year for her original song “Best Day Ever”. She has also been featured on a number of local radio stations and has even opened for artists such as Lauren Alaina and Clare Dunn, among others.

At the age of seven, Stephens began taking voice lessons, which would eventually lead her to discover her passion for singing.

Stephen’s music career began at the age of seven, when she began taking singing lessons.

“I would always dance and sing around the living room,” Stephens exclaimed, enthusiastically. “I realized I wanted to sing after a local competition that I did.”

That competition was Clayton Idol Jr, which was a brand new experience for Stephens. There, she won First Runner Up, lighting the spark of her career.

“My first time at Clayton idol was crazy,” Stephens said. “It was my first time ever performing anywhere other than my church. The next year I went back, and ended up winning.”

Stephens’ genre of preference is country, owing thanks to her childhood for her musical world.

“Growing up and listening to country and watching the women of country evolve is what drew me to it,” Stephens said.

Each month, Stephens travels to Nashville, Tennessee, for an emerging artist program called PCG. Featured at PCG are trained professionals whose jobs are to help the aspiring artists improve and learn how best to present themselves.

While in Nashville, Stephens attends lessons to build her skills as a songwriter, and even collabs with others to create music.

“I go into songwriting sessions with co-writers and it’s so much fun,” Stephens exclaimed. “We write music and share our thoughts with each other,” Stephens exclaimed.

Stephens thoroughly enjoys her trips to Nashville and finds them to be a fun change from where she lives.

“My trips to Nashville are so much fun, there’s not a lot of places to sing in North Carolina so in Nashville there’s plenty of opportunities to sing,” Stephens said.

Stephens has a plethora of covers under her belt, though she has a few number of original titles as well. Among the songs she has written herself, one of her most recent, “Why Not”, is her favorite.

“I like the song because it’s about always having someone there for you,” Stephens said. “I wrote it with one of my favorite co-writers, and I love to play it on guitar at events that I play.”

Throughout her career, Stephens has sung at a numerous events. Her favorite moment from her time as a singer comes from one of these events, and similar to her favorite original song, occurred relatively recently.

“My favorite moment would have to be singing with Kelsea Ballerini at the Ryman Auditorium,” Stephens said. “It was amazing.”

Stephens first met Ballerini about three years ago. The two have since sung with each other on a few other occasions.

“I met Kelsea at The Bobby Bones Show, and we sang ‘Shake it Off’ together,” Stephens said. “When she announced she was going on tour, I got so excited and got tickets to the show she recognized me in the crowd.”

When it comes to singing itself, Stephen’s favorite part is watching the audience.

“My favorite part of singing is looking out into the crowd and knowing that I am sending a good message through my music,” Stephens said.

Stephens has a new song, “Front Porch Swing”, which releases in six days of May 17. On her YouTube channel are two videos featuring the song.

Further information on Stephens, including more songs and her charity, the Best Day Ever Foundation, can be found at this link.