An Aspiring Actor

Becoming different characters and pushing his vocals to the max, senior Casey Hartley is a boy with a love for performing.

For nearly all of his life, Hartley has been singing. He began at church, but would later expand his horizons years later.

“My career really began my freshman year of high school when I did chorus and my first ever musical,” Hartley said.

Hartley’s love of performing through acting and singing comes from something he feels is exclusive to stage performance.

“Acting and singing gives you a feeling of vulnerability that nothing else does,” Hartley said.

Following graduation, Hartley intends to continue his pursuit of on-stage performances. Hartley plans to audition for the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, but only after taking a year hiatus from school.

“I plan to do local theatres to gain needed experience and then audition for the NC School of the Arts,” Hartley said. “I hope my career takes me to bigger and bigger audiences so that I can perform to as many people as possible.”

Hartley sees his future in a light of enthusiasm, confident it will bring to him a life of joy, which to him outweighs any amount of financial income.

“Although it may not bring much money, I would rather pursue something in my life that will bring joy than something that will bring profit,” Hartley said.

When it comes to his performance career thus far, Hartley’s favorite performance is the production of “Hairspray” the musical his freshman year.

“I loved “Hairspray” because it’s 50s-60s themed, and that’s one of my favorite periods of music,” Hartley said. “The cast and parts were awesome.”

For other aspiring actors, or even those who want to perform but doubt their capability to do so, Hartley strongly recommends being candid to oneself.

“The most important thing is that you stay true to yourself,” Hartley said. “Whatever that takes you to.”