Applying Early

Casey Ford displays her college acceptance letters. Photo by: Bryson Hall

Casey Ford displays her college acceptance letters.
Photo by: Bryson Hall

Graduation has not yet arrived, but many students are already applying to colleges. A portion of these students have already received decisions due to rolling admissions.
“I applied to Barton, Brevard, St. Andrews and Mt. Olive. Out of those, I’m leaning towards St. Andrews,” said senior Casey Ford.
Applying early has proven to be advantageous for many accepted students.
“I just wanted to get it done and over with, and have the satisfaction of knowing that I could get into colleges. It kind of boosted my self-confidence,” Ford said.
Although elevated self-confidence is why Ford applied early, senior Jayla Chrisp applied for an entirely different set of reasons.
“The availability gets smaller the closer to the deadline,” said Chrisp. “I wanted to get a good roommate and good dorms.”
Many colleges accept the “common app,” hosted through the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC). The application is a convenience for those who apply to multiple North Carolina schools.
“If you go through CFNC it saves your work, so it isn’t that bad. It didn’t take a lot of work, but it did take some time because of the amount of applications I did,” Ford said.
Excluding those who use the common app, every college has it’s own unique application which differs in content and structure. The time to complete each application will vary.

Jayla Chrisp displayers her college acceptance letters. Photo by: Bryson Hall

Jayla Chrisp displays her college acceptance letters.
Photo by: Bryson Hall

“A lot of personal information from yourself and from your parents is required. It took me about an hour for each application,” Chrisp said.
Ford applied to schools which catered to her major. She realized the earlier she applied, the better.
“You have an advantage over other students who didn’t apply early, because you’ve already been accepted into colleges,” said Ford. “I want to go for elementary education. I’d like to go to ECU, although St. Andrews is definitely a possibility.”
However, colleges are still accepting applications.
“Go ahead and apply now so you know whether you get into the college that you want to get into,” Chrisp said.