Artist in Training

If you look around some classrooms at anytime you might see some people doodling to pass the time. For junior Laura Kuchaneck doodling is much more than something to pass time in class.

She has had a passion for drawing for as long as she can remember.

“I can’t remember when I started to enjoy drawing,” Kuchaneck said. “I just draw when I’m bored but it’s not just doodling something random in class. I try to draw something like a disney character that isn’t too complicated or a flower.”

Kuchaneck sees drawing as a way to cope with stress. She goes to drawing the most when she needs to take her mind off of the stress inside and outside of school.

“When I sit down with a pencil in my hand and just draw I forget about all of my worries,” Kuchaneck said. “It relaxes and calms me. I’ve always found it interesting that something as small as drawing has the power to make me forget.”

Kuchaneck loves the freedom drawing gives her.

“I can draw whatever I want when I want,” Kuchaneck said. “I love not having anyone telling me what to draw and when.”

She sees creativity as an important trait to have for drawing.

“For trying to draw something original sometimes it’s hard to be creative,” Kuchaneck said. “So many people have similar ideas but it’s important to be original in your artwork. You have to have a way to set yourself apart from other artist.”

Kuchaneck sees herself still drawing in the future. She wants to start incorporating her drawing abilities into makeup effects.

“My main goal is to become a professional makeup artist,” Kuchaneck said. “I want to work on sets with insane makeup effects. I think my ability to draw well would be able to help me with some effects.”

Kuchaneck struggles with finding something new to draw.

“I’ve recently noticed that I draw a lot of the same things over and over again,” Kuchaneck said. “It’s hard to find something new to draw that I am able to draw. There’s a lot I want to draw but I’m not skilled enough yet.”

Kuchaneck loves drawing simple things. She enjoys the more complicated drawings but sometimes they annoy her.

“I prefer to draw something simple like a flower or a simple character like Bambi,” Kuchaneck said. “Sometimes when I try drawing something more complicated I get frustrated because it doesn’t look as good as the picture.”

Kuchaneck yearns to be a better artist in the future.

“I want to continue to grow,” Kuchaneck said. “I want to keep expanding my knowledge and skill level. I don’t care if no one likes my drawings as long as each is better than the last and I am content with how they look I’ll be happy.”