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Fighting Proudly > Frustrating the opposing first seed was the highlight of senior Albert “Whittie” Boswell’s match against Clayton. “He was the best player in the state, so yeah I’d say he’s pretty tough,” Boswell said. Boswell was proud of his performance at the match, playing a challenging match is something that reminds Boswell of his passion for the sport. Photo by Jessica Walker.
Raking it up > With bases loaded, freshman Connor Hill walks up to the plate and does his usual routine before the pitch. “First I take a deep breath, then fix my batting gloves and think about what I’m going to do,” Hill said. “Then finally I tap the plate in the shape of a cross to thank god for letting me have the opportunity, then I do what I do”. Photo by Luke Roberts

Far and Hard

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Down and dirty>Coming in for the first run of the game, freshman Johnathan “Luke” Roberts slides across the plate to avoid being tagged. “I felt great because it was the first run of the game,” said Johnathan “Luke” Roberts. Photo by Anthony Tomasko.

Eye on the Ball

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No Pain no Gain> Senior Kori Lawrence will do anything to get the ball, even if that means a little pain. People say it’s no wonder why she has the most goals in the county.

Running Towards a Goal

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Refuse to Lose > Throwing junior Chase Moore gives it his all to catch back up in the game against East Wake. Moore pitched and made it home in the game against East Wake. Photo by Jack Schweizer.

Refuse to Lose

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Pitch Perfect> Freshman Caleb Karie pitches during the game against East Wake in the third inning. “When I pitch I just try to keep myself calm and throw strikes,” Karie said. Photo by Abby Schumeyer.

Three Strikes Your Out

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Sliding toward victory > Feeding off the hype from her team, sophomore Kaitlyn Tucker slides her way to third base. “It makes me feel happy and relieved knowing that I made it to the base, and didn’t let my team down,” Tucker said. Photo by Laura Krivac.
Great escape> After getting away from the defense, senior Kori Lawrence is passing it to her defense to get it up the field. Lawrence has been playing for 14 year and has always enjoyed it. “I started playing because of my older brother,” Lawrence said. “I always wanted to play every sport that he ever did.” Lawrence will move to pursue soccer at the college level at Presbyterian College. At her senior night game she scored a goal against South Johnston High School. Picture by Faith Hyer.

Varsity Soccer’s Fancy Footwork

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Defending > During a game against Corinth Holders, the ball was played on defense for the majority of game. The game ended with a 3-0 loss. “When I play I’m in another zone. I’ve played on varsity for 3 years, playing defense, so if the ball gets past us I feel like it's partly my fault,” junior Carrington Mack said. Photo by Iran Castro.

Get In The Game

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Throwing Strikes > Senior Gianna Gallina is the starting pitcher and her full focus is on the game. She doesn’t let her emotions get in the way and has to keep a clean mind while getting ready to pitch. ”As I start to pitch, I think about the wrist snap I’m going to have to do for that certain pitch,” Gallina said. Photo by Maddie Betz.

In It to Win It

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