It’s bravely holding back tears after falling off the bike,

An insignificance

It’s stopping on the edge of the diving board before plunging in for the first time,

A hesitation

It’s discovering a warped and melted easter egg from three years ago,

A continuance

The fear of walking into a brand new school with curly pigtails,


The fizzling friendships and stream of fresh new faces,


The mixed feelings as the tassels are turned,


It’s catching His eye with yours,

A breathlessness

It’s waiting to hear “I love you” when you were the one to say it first,

An anticipation

It’s smiling before the kiss after the vows,

A promise

The pain as the love begins to fade away,


The feeling before the words slip out,


The passion with Another before the sun comes up,



It is,

the breaks

the skips

in the broken  record.