Studying for a boring class can make the smallest things distracting. However, sophomore Garrett Stephens tends to stay focused on his studies regardless of the circumstances.He has a study routine every night before a test.

“I get a good night’s rest, review notes and worksheets,” Stephens said.

When Stephens finds the subject hard to stay focused on he returns to something else, like reading a book.

“My favorite book to read is nonfiction because it lets my imagination run free,” Stephen said.

He loves studying because he finds more interest within different subjects. When he finds himself off track at times, he makes sure he uses his time productively.

“I find certain aspects or things to study within a subject like history when I can’t focus,” Stephens said.

Stephen shares a few study tips.

“Make a schedule of what you should do with your time,” said Stephen. “Instead of stressing, take time out to relax before continuing to study.”