Life in Motion Review

Life is always in motion. For American Ballet Theatre Principal dancer and author Misty Copeland she was able to recap her life through her autobiography “Life In Motion.” Copeland mentions her life before dance as well as during dance.

This novel gives a very strong message that you should never give up. Copeland mentions how her hard work led to her success and encourages others to work hard. “Life In Motion” reflects how struggle can lead to success.

This novel is also very well written and easy to understand. It starts out with a prologue set in her present life before jumping back to some of her first memories during chapter one. There is many situations described throughout “Life In Motion” that set the tone for how tough Copeland’s life was like growing up. She truly puts you in her shoes as she walks you through her journey to the American Ballet Theatre.

In this novel there is also some helpful tips for dancers. There is a very descriptive scene where remembers the feeling and the technique behind doing fouettes. Many ballet terms are mentioned in their true french form. This is a good way for dancers to test and expand their knowledge of classical ballet terms.

“Life In Motion” gives many details about the struggle of being a professional ballerina. There’s the pressure to succeed, the endless number of hours training, and the typical ballerina physique that every ballerina aims for. For Copeland, she will never be the ballerina stereotype because of her skin color so she sets new standards. Copeland broke many stereotypes in the ballet world by becoming the first African-American principal dancer and even becoming a professional despite starting ballet in her teens.

Copeland is a woman to look up to and that is made clear in this novel. She went through a tough childhood to get where she is today. She still pushes herself to the limit and still performs lead roles in ballets in New York. Copeland spent years to get to where she is today but the impact she has had on the world of ballet gets overlooked. She did work hard like everyone else but she had to work harder to break through the stereotypes of a ballerina. Now that she has broken through the stereotypes there has been a change in the ballet world after she shined onstage for her first lead performance.

Throughout “Life In Motion the line “This is for the little brown girls” is repeated. She expresses that she keeps pushing through the bullying and the hate for those who are like her and dreaming of being successful in the ballet world. Copeland knew the change she would cause when she made it to being a principal dancer if that ever happened. It is said in the novel that there are many that stay in the corps de ballet for their entire professional career.

Overall this book is a great read. It is descriptive and engaging as well has having a strong message. “Life In Motion” is a very easy read with the exception of the ballet terms scattered throughout. This book is perfect for all ages who want a good read or want to gain more knowledge about ballet.