Mock Car Crash

Glass covered the track. Blood cover the students and all was silent. The police car drove around the track. The mock car crash had begun.

The JOCO Teen Drivers club participated in its annual car crash on Wednesday, March 25. Students who acted as victims of the car crash were Matthew Cherry, Marissa Greene, Sarah Harrison, Abby Hartley and John Schlichter. The man behind the wheel was Tre Frederick.IMG_8673













It was a cold cloudy morning.  Students huddled together on the football stadium bleachers and actors shivered on the field. Some viewers were choked up during the presentation, but the actors felt the full force.

“The mock car crash was definitely very emotional. I didn’t cry like I was expecting to. I was in a real shock factor,” Hartley said.


When the EMS pronounced Hartley dead, her boyfriend and fellow actor Schlichter screamed in pain.

“[I] believe it impacted students because they got to see their friends out there. It’s not just a video of some random kid they’ve never met,” Hartley said.

JOCO Teen Drivers wanted to make the crash seem as real as possible to create a  sincere response. This included the actors being covered in fake blood while dressed in prom attire.

Actors who “did not survive” the crash remained still. Even the first responders treated it like a real car crash.IMG_8692

“I thought it was really realistic because we actually had the firefighters, the police officers and the EMS out there,” Hartley said. “They actually had to take me out of the car and use the jaws of life to take off my door.”

The mock car crash was planned to occur before prom to encourage student drivers to be safe the night of prom and the upcoming Spring Break.


“The purpose of this was to help students to make wise choices while driving at all times of the year, ” Hartley said. “I would definitely encourage people next year to watch because it helps to see what its actually like to get in a car crash.”