Morgan’s Japanese Muse

Cheyenne Morgan isn’t your average artist. Morgan fell in love with anime when she first started watching it when she was ten.

“My first anime was “Naruto”. I started watching because I wanted to learn something new about Japan,” Morgan said.

Morgan then started watching anime to pursue her interest in computer design and animation. One anime in particular stood out from her childhood.

“I was watching “Pokemon” and I got really excited when Ash found Pikachu because he lost him. I started crying when I saw that episode,” Morgan said.

According to Morgan, animes can get very emotional. The romantic side of anime especially grabs her attention.

“My favorite genre is romance. Romance is cute and in every anime they’re holding hands and cuddling and just caring about each other,” Morgan said.

Watching anime triggered Morgan to want to try drawing this type of art herself.

“It takes up to an hour to come up with an idea and draw it. I use pencils, special sharpies, markers and colored pencils,” said Morgan. “I draw chibis or anything visual. Chibis are a different type of animations. They are smaller and cuter.”

Not only does Morgan base her drawings off of animes she watches, she bases her art off of people in her personal life.

“Mostly I think about people in reality and base my drawings off of them,” Morgan said.

If Morgan is not watching anime or drawing it, she is on her phone using apps to enjoy Japanese culture in a variety of ways.

“As our generation turned to phones over TVs, a lot of apps for animation [were created]. Crunchy Roll is an app I use. It’s not just anime, it’s Japanese and Korean movies,” said Morgan. “I love the excitement of knowing information about Japan. I just love the graphics.”