Shooting Hoops

After doing something for long enough, it begins to get easier. Muscle memory kicks in and skill starts to emerge. “Practice makes perfect” holds a lot of weight for Jakim Graham, a basketball player since the age of five.

“I play football too, although I’m more comfortable with basketball than any other sport,” said Graham. “I’ve been playing it so long it’s kind of become second nature.”

Graham and his brother, Jakim, are identical twins. This occasionally provokes social difficulties.

“The majority of people expect us to act similar but we don’t, so it is kind of difficult. He’s more outgoing than me, and I’m a little more introverted,” Jakim Graham said .

The Graham household encompasses much more than just Jakim and Jalin.

“I also have an older brother named John,” said Graham. “I also have two half-brothers on my mother’s side.”

There are benefits to having a twin brother, especially when he plays on the court, too.

“My brother and I are fairly alike some of the time. The majority of the time we are fairly competitive– especially in basketball,” said Graham.