The semester ends in just one day. On May 31 testing will start with the teacher made tests. This year all of the teacher made exams are on the same day.

Junior Tonya Deblasio has only teacher made exams this semester. She is feeling stress with the ending of classes and preparing for exams.

“There is a lot going on in some AP classes,” Deblasio said. “For two different classes I have three projects all due in the next couple of days. But there is also the teacher made exams that I have to prepare for.”

Senior David Atik sees the benefit to this new schedule.

“The school has one less testing day,” Atik said. “That’s one more day to prepare for an exam.”

Junior Wyatt Johnson likes the two day teacher made testing schedule better. He prefers to have the tests spaced out.

“It’s a lot less stressful,” Johnson said. “I don’t have to worry so much about having to study for multiple tests and taking them back to back. With the old schedule I got a break from testing.”

Deblasio believes that this way of testing could cause lower final exam grades for students.

“There’s too much stress on the students,” Debalsio said. “There’s back to back exams now and most of them aren’t simple. People will not spend enough time studying for one exam so they can study for an exam for another class.”

Atik feels like the upcoming students are strong enough to all teacher made exams in one day.

“Many people in the underclasses are very intelligent,” Atik said. “They could not study and get at least a B in every class. I think they will do just fine with taking all teacher made exams in one day.”

Junior Justin Wood thinks that putting all of the teacher made exams on the same day will affect his performance.

“I might not do as well on my exams,” Wood said. “I think we should go back to the two day schedule so people will have less to try and focus on. My younger sister doesn’t have a problem with this schedule but she never tested with the other schedule. Exams were just a little bit less stressful with the two day teacher made exam schedule.”

Johnson believes that the new testing schedule will not affect grades.

“If people don’t know the material then they don’t know it,” Johnson said. “Pushing all the exams to one day is not going to change that. It doesn’t matter if someone has all teacher made exams they should still be able to perform well on each of them. And if they don’t it’s not because of the new schedule. It’s because they don’t know what they are doing.”

Wood thinks that the freshman are the least impacted by this change in the testing schedule.

“The freshman have never been through high school exams before,” Wood said. “They will never understand that it was easier with two exams one day and two the next. It left more of a possibility for students to know have one teacher made test a day.”