The Effects of Social Media

Social media usage is at an all time high. The common and highly controversial topic on the effects of social media, has been debated since the beginning of the social media age.
Sophomore Kyle Denning believes social media has room for growth within the platform.
“Social media allows for me to connect with my friends outside of school, as well as to keep me up to date with my interests,” Denning said. “With the constant updates I believe social media will only become a larger part of our lives in the near future.”
According to a study by, as of 2013, 72 percent of Americans get their news straight from their social media. Denning has used the power of social media news to make himself a more knowledgeable individual.
“Often, I learn new information that I feel I otherwise would not have learned if it wasn’t for the power of social media,” Denning said. “I feel that I am able to widen my intelligence and take in new stuff everyday.”
With the endless capabilities in social media, junior Courtney Holland believes that social media can help you see the world in a new perspective.
“You are able to experience new things and read unique stories through the power of social media,” Holland said. “It’s amazing to view things you’ve never seen before.”
With positives there are always negatives. Social media is no exception. Freshman Caleb Karie believes the ability to talk to someone behind a social media platform can cause problems that would not exist without it.
“It is easy to have what you say interpreted in a different way then what you meant,” Karie said. “This is because of the fact that you aren’t face to face and so it is hard for people to tell the emotion behind what you are saying.”
Cyber bullying has became a problem throughout the world due to the increase use of social media. This is causing concern among many, including schools. Holland believes there are risks to everything you post on the internet.
“I believe people love to cyber bully because they know the person they are talking about has no idea who they are, so it’s easy to hurt them,” Holland said.