The Magic of Makeup

Mixing hot and cool colors on the eyes, brushing blush on cheeks and contouring facial peaks can make a person’s face become a piece of artwork. While applying these techniques to her everyday life, sophomore Hannah Pickering has been transforming faces and finding her love of makeup for the past three years.

“When I was in middle school, my older sister Megan was in color guard. Seeing all of the different guard makeup intrigued me,” said Pickering.

hannahThe world that she was immersed in caused her to realize that she had a passion for it. This passion exists in the brush’s power of deceit and disguise.

“I like it because you can transform anyone into anything,” said Pickering. “It’s a pretty cool concept.”

Pickering enjoys working with all sorts of makeups and makeup styles, having done performance makeup for her teammates as well as her friends.

“When I do makeup, I tend to focus more towards the dramatic styles,” Pickering said.

Even though she loves the art form, Pickering has mixed emotions about her future in makeup.

“I don’t know if I want to make this into a career, because I don’t want it to stop being fun for me,” Pickering said.

Despite her uncertain future in makeup, every time Pickering puts on lipstick or applies foundation she’ll remember the reason why she fell in love with cosmetics.

“I just like the way that it gives people confidence,” said Pickering. “It allows people to show how they truly feel on the inside.”