Truck Girl Bailee Mills

Many students may feel that it is uncommon for girls to own trucks. That thought doesn’t even cross Senior Bailee Mill’s mind.

“I think it’s funny when guys joke around with me that I drive a much bigger truck than them. Most men are shocked when they see me easily back my trailer into wherever I need to put it.”

Mills owns two trucks and started getting into trucks at 10 years old.

“My grandpa and dad got me into working on trucks at a very young age. I wanted a 1955 Ford F100 just like my Grandpa’s so my dad bought me one and I’ve been fixing it up for about a year and a half now.”

Mill’s trucks also help with a unique hobby of hers.

“I ride horses a lot and I really wanted a truck that would pull my horse trailer around. I’m going to buy a new more powerful truck when I can afford it. It will pull my trailer a lot better than the F250 I have now.”

Mills has big hopes for the future of her trucks.

“My main goal is just to be able to drive my 1955 F100 project truck around. Not a lot of people have an old truck like that and it will give me a feeling of accomplishment when I am able to drive this truck that I have been working on for awhile.”